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Summer Services

We are so excited to offer a variety of services 

for summer 2024!

Speech Camp 2024

Unlike traditional day camps, speech camp is designed to foster language, literacy, and social skills development in all children. Our carefully curated programs encompass interactive storytelling, language games, arts and crafts, fostering  communication and peer relationships in a supportive setting. With individualized support from our team, campers build confidence in expressing themselves, honing vocabulary, conversational fluency, and listening skills.

For children requiring speech therapy, our immersive environment coupled with daily 1:1 sessions helps prevent summer skill regression, often resulting in even greater progress than achieved at the end of the school year. With limited private speech sessions available this summer, enrolling your child in our camp provides a valuable opportunity to continue working on their speech therapy goals while enjoying an enriching camp experience.

All children are welcome at speech camp, whether they are on an IEP for speech therapy, did not qualify for speech therapy but could still use some help, or have no speech or language needs at all! We strive to create and inclusive environment where all children are welcomed and provided with opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun! 

Why Speech Camp?

Speech camp is not a regular day camp, nor is it a summer school program. It's a carefully curated, small group experience designed to immerse children in a language and communication rich environment targeting developmentally appropriate play, social interaction, and communication. 

Additionally, the opportunity for DAILY speech therapy can give your child the extra boost they need to really meet their goals and make progress quickly! 

Camp Details

Camp session run for one week each M-F. Children are welcome to sign up for as many sessions as they'd like.

Camp runs from 8:30-2:30 and includes shared book readings, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, time in the sensory gym, independent and peer play, snack, lunch, and 1:1 speech therapy sessions for those who request them. 

Children are split into small groups of no more than 5 children and assigned to a general counselor. 


Session 1 July 8-12

Session 2 July 15-19

Session 3 July 22- 26

Session 4 July 29- Aug 2

Session 5 Aug 5- 9

Costs Per Week

General Camp- $425

General Camp with daily 1:1 speech therapy- $700

To Register

Please email with your child's name, age, requested weeks and if they will be signing up for general camp or general camp with daily speech sessions

The Summer Slide 

The Summer Slide refers to a common occurrence where children lose or "slide" backwards in the skills they have learned over the year. This is especially common with speech sounds or concepts that are newly mastered. While some schools offer summer speech therapy to students who have demonstrated a significant level of regression, the reality is that all children are at risk for losing skills. 

This regression means that when they get back to speech therapy in the fall they need to spend time regaining these skills, rather than continuing to make progress on new skills. 

By signing your child up for summer services you eliminate the risk of regression and increase the potential of returning to school with even more skills then they had at the end of the last year!

Summer Services 

This option provides continued services for children who receive speech therapy through IEPs. Continuation of speech services helps children maintain skills while teaching them new ones to meet their goals. Formal evaluation is not required to begin therapy. Please note, session availability is extremely limited during our camp sessions (July 8- August 9th)

Rate: $110 per session

Friendship Club

Friendship club is a group created to facilitate friendships!

The goals of Friendship Club are to educate our participants on different styles of friendship, support them in discovering their friendship style and to create opportunities for connection.

Children who may benefit the most from this club are children who are neurodivergent, children who struggle to connect with peers, children who would benefit from direct instruction on social interaction and children who want to make friends. Email for more information. 

Friendship Club is for ALL children ages 6-11.

Dates: Tuesdays at 3:00 or 4:30, July 9- August 6th

Cost: $175 for 5 week program 

To Register: Email

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are groups designed to facilitate peer interaction over shared interests. The goal of these groups is to help participants form connections over their special interests. Whether your child's special interest is Legos, unicorns, science, or elevators, they are welcome and encouraged to share about it in this group!  Special Interest Groups are for ALL children ages 6-11.

Children who may benefit the most from these groups are children who are neurodivergent, children who struggle to connect with peers, and children who have strong interests that they are interested in sharing with others.

Dates: Wednesdays at 3:00 or 4:30, July 10- August 7th

Cost: $150 for 5 week program 

To Register: Email

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