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Do you accept insurance? 

Currently we are in network with Anthem BCBS and Harvard Pilgrim. We also accept FSA/HSA, private pay and can provide superbills for out of network plans. It's important to note that while we are in network with some insurance plans, not all services are covered no matter how important or necessary they are. 

What is teletherapy? 

Teletherapy is therapy provided over the internet. Rather than rushing out the door to make an appointment, all you need to do is open the Zoom link we send you and our session can begin. Therapy is conducted in the same way it would be in person. Adults and older children can attend the session independently, while younger children may need an adult to help them participate in the session. 

Where do you offer therapy?

We offer in-person services at our clinic in White River Junction, Vermont. We have limited availability for day care/preschool visits. 

We offer virtual services throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. 

My child receives speech therapy at school, can they also get speech therapy with you?

Yes! Many school districts cannot provide the amount of therapy that a child needs to meet their goals in a timely manner. Additional therapy sessions weekly with us can help them meet their goals without pulling them out of class. 

My child did not qualify for speech therapy at school but I still think they need it, can they see you? 

Yes! Schools are bound by state laws. They cannot provide therapy to all children who need it. We will conduct our own assessment, with your input, to determine if private speech therapy is appropriate for your child. 

Why should I consider private speech therapy?

The number one benefit of private practice therapy is the freedom to evaluate and design treatment plans tailored to address the current needs of your family, rather than being dictated by what an insurance company will cover or what a school can offer. Private speech therapy is highly personalized and is driven by what is best for the client. 

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