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School Based Services

School District Speech Evaluations 

Are you seeing a rise in referrals for speech therapy services in your school district? With more children demonstrating the need for specialized interventions and evaluations, school speech-language pathologists face the challenge of managing their caseloads while finding time for thorough evaluations. Balanced Speech Therapy has been serving the Upper Valley since 2021 providing initial evaluations, three-year re-evaluations, and screenings for students from preschool to high school. Our highly skilled speech-language pathologists are passionate about delivering comprehensive assessments, allowing your SLPs to focus on their core responsibilities and reducing the risk of burnout and turnover.

A 2023 study revealed that school-based SLPs often feel ineffective and overextended due to the multitude of responsibilities they juggle. Outsourcing evaluations can alleviate these burdens, empowering SLPs to concentrate on delivering quality services. With Balanced Speech Therapy, you can streamline your evaluation processes, support your SLPs, and drive positive outcomes for your students. 

By partnering with Balanced Speech Therapy, you can look forward to

  1. Streamlined Processes: Our experienced SLPs have systems in place to streamline the evaluation process from initial meeting to final team review. This leads to a shorter turnaround time, facilitating quicker intervention planning and initiation of services.

  2. Comprehensive Resources: Say goodbye to sharing assessment tools or purchasing multiple copies of expensive tests. Our comprehensive evaluation resources ensure each therapist has what they need for thorough assessments.

  3. Consistency and Accuracy: Our standardized approach ensures consistency in the evaluation and eligibility process across the district, resulting in more reliable results for informed decision-making.

  4. Specialized Expertise: Our team includes highly trained professionals who specialize specifically in evaluations, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments tailored to each student's unique needs.

  5. Efficiency: With our dedicated focus on evaluations, we can guarantee shorter turnaround times, facilitating quicker intervention planning and reducing missed sessions.

  6. Maximized Therapy Time: By entrusting evaluations to our specialized team, your current SLPs can focus more on providing vital services to students, reducing missed sessions and time spent in meetings. With this additional time, SLPs will be able to consult with teachers and families, plan and provide engaging and meaningful services, conduct individualized sessions, and provide early intervention (MTSS/RTI) to non-qualified students which can eliminate the need for some evaluations.

  7. Data-Driven Decisions: Our team is dedicated to understanding eligibility criteria and providing accurate data for informed decision-making, ensuring each student receives appropriate support.

Why Work With Balanced Speech Therapy?

We are a small, speech pathologist owned and operated business local to the Upper Valley. We are not a large contracting company that sees the districts we work with as dollar signs. We are passionate about serving our community and providing the best possible speech therapy for the children in this area. We LOVE what we do and hope to form positive, long lasting relationships with our neighbors while supporting the students and SLPs in our community.

Individualized Education Evaluations 

Also known as "Second Opinion" Evaluations, Balanced Speech Therapy provides speech and language evaluations to students whose parents or guardians disagree with an evaluation results completed by their local school district. There are unbiased evaluations aimed at providing an accurate view of the student's needs and abilities. 

School Contracting

Finding speech pathologists can be hard! Rather than outsourcing to virtual or big name companies, partnering with Balanced Speech Therapy allows school districts in Vermont and New Hampshire to keep their business local while providing high quality speech therapy services to their students. 

Our speech pathologists are experts in meeting the demands of school-based practice including providing high quality therapy, connecting with parents and staff, managing IEPs and attending necessary meetings.

By partnering with Balanced Speech Therapy for your school based speech therapy services you can be sure you are providing the best quality services to your students. 

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