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Come Work and Play With Us!

Balanced Speech Therapy is currently hiring fun and friendly individuals to join our team!

A Note From
The Owner

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m the owner of Balanced Speech Therapy. 


After years of working in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and clinics that valued profit over patients I found myself getting burned out from being a speech pathologist. I loved the time I spent with my clients and their families but I dreaded things like paper work, productivity requirements, and fighting for services for those I worked with. 


I wanted to work somewhere that really cared about the clients, somewhere that valued me as a clinician and somewhere that I looked forward to going to every day. I craved balance and couldn't seem to find it, so I created it myself! 


Balanced Speech Therapy is as passionate about our employees as we are about providing high quality speech therapy! We strive to be a place that people WANT to be a part of. Our priorities include fostering a positive work environment, creating balanced workloads, providing flexibility, nurturing special interests and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth in our staff. 


Our mission is to provide meaningful and balanced services, to cultivate positive relationships, and to foster peace and joy in our own lives and the lives of those we serve. 


We are looking for passionate employees who are interested in providing top quality services centered around meaningful relationships and connection with our clients. You may be a good fit for Balanced if you


-value connection over compliance

-value evidence based practice and up to date methodology

-are kind, creative, curious and fun 

-are interested in being part of a team

-can commit to seeking balance in your work and life

-believe in high quality speech therapy

-believe in inclusion

-value diversity

-have experience providing services targeting speech, language, feeding, literacy and/or executive functioning

If this sounds like you, take a look at our open positions below and get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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