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Pediatric Services

All of our pediatric services are play based, strength based, and neurodivergent affirming.

We strive to create positive relationships with our clients and to provide a safe, nurturing environment for optimal growth and development. 

Phone Consultation 

Phone consultation of up to 15 minutes to discuss your concerns, provide online resources, and determine if an in-person consult is needed.

Rate: $0

In-Person Consultation

Bring your child to our clinic to complete informal tasks and a child observation (up to 30 minutes) with a follow-up phone call (or visit continuation of up to 30 minutes) to discuss observations and concerns. Together we can determine if therapy is appropriate for your child.

Rate: $150

Formal Evaluation

Norm referenced standardized evaluation (up to 90 minutes) followed by a formal, written report with child's current status (strengths and weaknesses), test scores, goals, and recommendations.

The report is yours to share with your child's doctor or school at your discretion.

Rate: $300 for first 90 minutes, $100 for every 30 minutes after that

Who Needs Speech Therapy?

Many kids benefit from speech therapy, including children who:

  • Are late talkers

  • Have difficulty producing their speech sounds

  • Struggle with sentence length and/or grammar

  • Cannot retell a story accurately or in the right order

  • Have difficulty making friends or with social skills

  • Have difficulty with executive function

  • Have difficulty with feeding/eating

  • Have difficulty reading 

Children with the following diagnoses may also benefit from speech therapy:

  • Developmental Delay

  • Autism

  • Down Syndrome

  • Genetic Disorders

  • Apraxia of Speech

  • Language Delay or Disorder

  • Dyslexia

  • Pediatric Feeding Disorder

Therapy Session

Therapy sessions held at our clinic in White River Junction or virtually, targeting speech, language, communication, literacy, executive function, or social needs. The majority of the session will focus on developing awareness and implementing strategies to help your child meet their goals. The remainder of the session will include parent follow up to discuss progress and results and to provide carry over activities for home practice.

Rate: $110 per session

Feeding Therapy Session

Therapy sessions held at home or online targeting your child's ability to explore, enjoy, and eat food. This therapy is for children with difficulties with food and mealtimes for a variety of reasons including motor needs and sensory needs.

Rate: $150 per session

Summer Services 

This option provides continued services for children who receive speech therapy through IEPs. Continuation of speech services helps children maintain skills while teaching them new ones to meet their goals. Formal evaluation is not required to begin therapy.

Rate: $110 per session

Parent Coaching Session- 30 Minutes

Toddlers tend to do well with in-person therapy, but that is not always possible. This option is a consultative model, which provides parents with the tools they need to improve their child’s speech and language skills at home! This session is held virtually with the parent and child present. Together, we will implement strategies and techniques to improve your child’s play and language skills.

Rate: $80 per session

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