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Why Should My Child Get Private Speech Therapy?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Private speech therapy is speech therapy provided directly to your child, in an environment where they are comfortable. These services are designed to give your child exactly what they need in order to develop or improve their speech, language, feeding, executive function or literacy skills.

Just as you would pay for your child to go to a gymnastics class or get piano lessons, private speech therapy accelerates their skills in a specific area. But unlike gymnastics or piano, these skills impact every aspect of their life and improving them could improve your child’s quality of life in so many ways.

Many parents consider speech therapy when their child does not qualify for services through school or early intervention. Just because your child didn’t meet the criteria for those services doesn't mean they don’t need speech therapy! Qualification criteria vary by state and agency but due to the volume of children needing services these criteria are often very strict and exclude children with documented delays. Private speech therapy is a great solution in these instances because there is no criteria, if a student has a delay or disorder of any type, they can access these services.

Another reason parents consider private speech therapy is that school based or early intervention services aren't always enough. Most children don’t need to be in speech therapy for 3, 4, 5 years or more! But because schools have barriers such as overworked speech therapists, not enough speech therapists, limited times to pull a student from class, and group session formats, children are not always receiving the highest quality speech therapy at school. Speech therapists want to be free to give your child the best speech therapy as much as they need it, but with a caseload of over 50 students, endless meetings and paperwork it’s not always possible in the schools.

Private speech therapy as an addition to school based or early intervention services can accelerate your child’s progress and get them back into the classroom where they should be!

So, why should you consider private speech therapy?

  • No qualification criteria

  • Personalized services

  • Individual sessions

  • They will gain more valuable skills than a sports team or music lesson

  • Progress is accelerated

Reach out for a free consultation at to find out if speech therapy may be right for your child!

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